Released on July 6, 2022, 2:39 am UTC


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Join Brian, Justin, Brett Weaver, Bonnie Brushwood, MikeTV, Mark the bartender, and Bryce in the Green Room.
The guys actually invited their speakeasy bartender to the show tonight. We did a real, live conference again! Nightmare stories from the bar. AOL keywords are back!
HEY: this is the final live show before our July vacation! We'll be unlocking the best of our bonus episodes the next three weeks--and patrons still get *new* bonus episodes very single week while we're gone!
[Audio EQ issues resolve around 6:27]
Plus, Cory and Bryce do a Birthday Borner and talk about the latest F1 topics: the high points of the British GP and "Name That Car!" How was it for Cory and Annaliese being recognized at RTX?
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