Released on July 19, 2023, 3:52 am UTC


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PGA heckling is our national pasttime and we're basically fer it. High school boners.Fuck you, Lunch. We examine the new NPC meme. A fart saga and lost AirPod. Pretend this cow is America.Guess the tallness in "Celebrity Highs and Lows: Founders Day Edition" featuring these stars of Founders Day. It was only a couple months ago--just stand back-to-back for a sec.Our favorite bard MikeTV is back! He plays a couple of tracks and talks about his latest steps as an independent singer-songwriter.Mr. 5/11 strikes again!Not watching the show? Follow us on YouTube to see all the goods! http://watchgreatnight.comWorld's Greatest Con season 3! Go! to Survive! us! is the place to send in games, punishments, stories, or kind words :)Get an extra episode every week only at and enjoy the preshow and postshow in all the public feeds!